Deciding the Color for YOU!

Our stylist are truly masters of art and beauty, they are here for your hair needs, from subtle highlights to bold mermaid hair, they can do it all!



Depending on the final outcome you are hoping, highlights or low lights can be a great option to created some depth and dimension to your hair. Highlights are used when a client wants lighter and brighter dimension. the eye is naturally drawn to highlights (or the lighter strands of hair). Lowlight help to create balance or break up brightness. these can be done to look natural or unnatural depending on the clients preference.



The word “Balayage” comes from another French word meaning “to sweep”; this technique for hair is meant to give the color a natural blend and appearance. this also is great for a the client who wants brightness without the 4-6 maintenance AS THE GROW OUT PROCESS IS MORE blended. This can be done as low or high up on the hair as the client prefers.


Fashion Colors

For the bright, unique colors we use “fashion Colors”. Usually Semi-permanent, they can be as light or as bright at the client prefers, Must be prelightened or on blonde hair in order to show the true tones of the colors. great colors for kids as they wash out in 2-4 weeks.