Permanent Makeup

SOS Image is now offering permanent makeup and digital microblading. we are excited to introduce angie seibel to our team, the artist behind the beautiful work.

*All appointments made require a $100 down payment that is put towards the cost of the service and a 4-6 week touch up.


Brow Services

Powder Brow- Enhancing more than the natural brow, soft with a powder like appearance- $450

Full Shaded Brow- Most saturated with color but creating a soft appearance-$450

Microbladed Brow- Most natural looking with the application mimicking brow hair strokes-$450

Combo Brow- A combination of microblading and powdered brow-$550


Eyeliner Services

Lash Enhancement- A simple liner that makes the lash like appear fuller- $400

Full Liner- Simple liner for the top and bottom lash lines- $400

Shaded Smudged Liner- Full liner with soft shading to mimic the smudged liner look- $400

Winged Shaded Liner- Bold liner with shading to create the winged style liner-$400


Lip Services and others

Full Ombre Lip- Liner that softly fades into the natural lip color-$550

COMBO SERVICES- Brows and Liner- $650

Touch Up Services- $300 for Previous Permanent Makeup

Removal Services-$250 and up


Angie Seibel